Broekn stump in Kohler, WI

Here’s What I Want: Thoughts on Expectations

The thing about expectations is that they are oftentimes mired, for me anyway, in some really ridiculous premises. For example. I had an expectation to create a brand-new space in a new building working with two different groups of people, a landlord, several employees, and a small army of contractors and workmen, in two weeks. …

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AmeriKick Internationals: Back in the Ring

Last month (already!) was the AmeriKick Internationals. It was the first NASKA event I had been to in a while. Between honeymoon, black belt tests, working, taking over a business, and graduate school, getting annoyingly sick, and generally running all over the great state of Wisconsin with a grin and a lot of coffee there's …

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Karate, Travel, and Unmitigated Ridiculousness

A few days ago (I'm already lying, it was yesterday.) I did a post on the U.S. Open and covered the rules of NASKA, the general goals I have in life, and all sorts of other wholesome, wonderful, very boring bits of information that I tried to package with funny pictures and a few attempts …

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