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Since I started this blog I’ve been putting myself out there more and more. And I have found it leads to a type of positive feedback loop. The more I ask around if people want me to write things, the more people contact me asking if I can write them things.

Which is cool.

This is a collection of the random, wonderful, and quirky places I’ve been splashing imaginary ink all over digital screens. All the blogs are run by great people who are all seeking support and readers, plus they do really cool stuff. So, if you have time, give them a follow and support some great people doing wonderful things.


Actual Fiction (Whaaaat?)

This was a contest to support a boy getting a therapy dog. It was a lot of fun to be a part of and a story I enjoyed writing.


Here was a bit that I had played with on this site at one time, but the great people at Ripples in Space accepted it and made a Podcast out of it! Let me tell you, it sure is odd to hear someone else read my story.

Elephant in a Snuffbox

Sport Martial Arts

My very first article with them was the NAIKC. I didn’t realize I needed to supply a title for it (I was so young) and they made do. Also, I took the photo on the far left of that particular header. All the other ones I made the header and wrote the story.

NAIKC Tournament Brings Energy

Diamond Nationals 2016 – Welcome to the Best of the Midwest!

AKA Warrior Cup: Windy City Excellence

AmeriKick Internationals: Sport Karate Spectacular in the City of Brotherly Love

U.S. Open: Creativity and Community

North American International Karate Championships 2017: Passion and Commitment

Chicago Tribune

Local Talent Wows in Marvel’s Blockbuster Logan

Getting Stamped

The 77 Best Things to do in Milwaukee: A Local’s Guide to Milwaukee


I used to write a lot of stuff for (b)OINK. But this was one where I was able to actually write something and not have it be for purely informative purposes (Warning: Might be considered slightly “Unsavory”)

(b)OINK the Intern

(b)OINK the Intern…Harder

(b)OINK the Intern. The re(b)OINKing

(b)OINKers (b)OINKing away

(b)OINKers (b)OINKing away…continuously

Mt. Mary

During the course of my M.A. I’ve been able to write a few things for the institution. Which is cool. One of them was an interview! (My first ever!) Both were a good time.

What’s Fun in February?

Retiring Professor Leaves Rich Creative Legacy

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