A Super Fast Update!

There’s a whole bunch of awesome going on right now!

First, I got a new article up at SportMartialArts.com about the event I did two weeks ago. Check it out here!

Second, (b)OINK is going to have its next issue coming out next week. I did a bunch of work behind the scenes of this one and while I didn’t write anything for it, I sure did help it look real purty.  If you’re interested in some off-the-wall, strange, odd, and wonderful stories. Check it out here!


I’m a little excited…actually, several stages past excited. For this reason, I’m not at Diamonds right this very moment working and laughing with some truly fantastic people, but I will be in Ireland in about 36 hours laughing and adventuring with the love of my life.

Sorry, everyone. She’s cooler.


Pictured: Coolness.


I’m leaving my computer at home and will be away and free! Have a spectacular week, a wonderful Diamonds, and enjoy (b)OINKing away.

Cheers and Happy Trails,



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