A Big Step

Around this time last year, I was writing about big steps and changes in my life. In that particular case, it was all about getting married to the love of my life and starting a new chapter.

The end of this year has another big step.

Taking over my own business.

This one.

It’s something that I alternate between being absolutely overjoyed and cripplingly worried about on an hourly basis. But it’s the whole concept that when things are happy, they’re SUPER happy. And when they’re not, they’re REALLY not.

I would imagine this makes me sort of hard to live with.

I’m lacking confirmation, however. Every time I ask my wife, she noncommittally shrugs her shoulders and says something along the lines of “not too bad.”

And we move forward.

The biggest piece of this whole new step is the amazing people that surround me and make it all possible. The families, staff, and students that I spend every day with are above and beyond amazing. It’s humbling and uplifting to walk in every day and get the opportunity to share what I love with so many wonderful souls. It’s the culmination of a dream I had since I was a kid, and the realization of a hope I had as an adult. Thank you all.

But wait, that’s not all! There’s more!

Here are a few other big steps coming up or having just whooshed by in no particular order:

  1. I’m going into my final semester of graduate school. With a bit of work and a lot more words being typed, I’ll be a darned M.A.!
  2. I have a new car! And I like it a lot and have also put close to 2,000 miles on it in the first 11 days.

    Blue Subaru
  3. And a new computer (that I have finally figured out how to work and no longer want to throw off the balcony).
  4. Thanksgiving was AMAZING in a 5oo miles, 3 dinners, 1 ballet performance and not a lot of sleep kind of way. Also, chugging wine and figuring out how to hide an entire bag of popcorn in a vest whilst evading the glances of ushers in a fancy theatre is an experience everyone should do at least once. 

    Sunset on hwy 41
    Sure did see some pretty sunsets, though.
  5. The 3rd Annual Milwaukee Open was a HUUUGE Success that brought together competitors from all over the region and gave me cause to realize the work we’re doing for the community in Milwaukee, and elsewhere, is important and good. Thank you.
  6. We just did a thing called Internmas with all the other residents Lia works with. I wore a Star Wars Christmas sweater!

    Star Wars and Ugly Christmas Sweaters.
    There was a photobooth…’nuff said.
  7. I was a taxi for two college students who, collectively, had an entire van full of stuff that I transported (in addition to them) to Madison. The highlight of the trip was a moment in Appleton where one of them calmly leaned forward and told me she had forgotten her backpack and we needed to turn around…I considered dropping her off at the nearest gas station and letting her figure it out but we found a compromise.
  8. My sister was in the Nutcracker and danced beautifully.
  9. (b)OINK published its 10th issue and I was the guy that did a whole bunch of the putting everything together. And let me tell you, there are some pretty amazing pieces in issue 10. Check it!
  10. I ignored blogging for longer than I ever have before.
  11. Sorry.
  12. Christmas is literally around the corner and I think I’ll be spending most of it in the car.

I’m sure there’s more. Infinitely more. The big take away I have about the last few months is this feeling of constant speed. I couldn’t stop to do anything because everything else would catch up with me and bury me in an avalanche of stuff I didn’t do yet. This only lasted so long. And now for a few days at least, I’m in a slow and calm spot. So, if anyone feels particularly neglected or abandoned by me – don’t worry.  It’s not just you, it’s everyone.

And then, finally, there is that big step that mirrors the one from last year. I’ll be having my wedding anniversary in a few weeks. The time sure did fly by and it’s been one blur of happy moments, late night conversations and probably more late night ice cream runs than is totally healthy. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One down, the rest of our life to go.


Cliffs of Mohr, Ireland
On to the next great adventure!




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