It’s July already. And it’s not just July. It’s THE END of July. This means it’s essentially Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Basically, the world is already in 2023 and I’m stuck here in the dregs of July convinced it should still, somehow, be April.

And that’s sorta what this next bit is about. This whole idea of expecting to be anywhere at all in life.

Last post I was talking about getting to a place without knowing exactly how we got there, or even feeling like we SHOULD be there.

I think.

It’s a little hazy, I wrote it a while ago and I don’t tend to read my last posts until I get sad and it’s 2am.

Or reflect in a quiet moment GLORIOUSLY FREE OF COMPUTERS


In the last few months, there have been some changes. I got a new roommate (again), bounced around most of the midwest, competed everywhere, got engaged*, saw Neil Gaiman, did a wedding, and rounded it off with a few minor injuries, one or two major upsets and I’m all set to head to DC in a few weeks.

That’s you, U.S. Captiol Classics/China Open!

You could say I’ve been keeping the momentum going.

Sometimes it hurts. Damn entropy.

Whilst flying, driving, and waiting on benches for whatever things I’m supposed to be at, to start, I’ve had some time to ponder on this whole life idea.

The thing that jumped this time was progress.

Because, what even is it? I mean, five years ago I was in a committed relationship, had a 10-year plan, and was working towards a definite goal in life. Now? I’m back to splitting an apartment with roommates, I have a…plan…? Oooh, and a cat that hates everyone.

Don’t touch him. He only appears cuddly.

So, I looked up the word “progress.”

According to Webster and Merriam progress is “forward or onward movement toward a destination.”

That’s it.

It does not say anything about achieving goals.

About finishing projects or even being happy.

Just movement.

One foot in front of the other, that’s all it is. Going back to that entropy bench up there, the world has a habit of incessantly happening all the time. Whether you’re ready for it or not, it just trundles on like some inexorable steam engine of tasks and events.

This means two things:

  • One, and this is the important one, we’re all one step closer to Calvin’s goal of being old enough to “putter around.”
  • Two: we’re all progressing. Always. As inexorable as the world is, we are equally unstoppable. We may make the path by walking, but we also learn the way by trying. So, I guess you could say failure is a signpost on the road of progress.

And that’s it. Progress is a tricky thing, we all feel the need to be progressing and sometimes it’s paralyzing. We build up this idea of progression in our heads and it’s STRESSFUL. But, all it really means is to keep moving. As long as we’re moving, and exploring, we’re learning.

*(That engagement I casually mentioned earlier.)

Through the craziness, chaos, and uncertainty of the last almost two years, there’s been one remarkable constant in my life.


Our engagement, more than anything else, is proof that movement is progress, and new experiences are key to some truly amazing things. Change may be unexpected and not at all in the plan. But it will be all the more wonderful for it. Kate was one of those unexpected changes that I suddenly realized I’d been missing always.

And now we got our whole life.

The path I’ve taken has been a little meandering and I think always will be, but now I have someone to share the sights, enjoy the meals, and occasionally laugh so hard we cry.

As well as eat some BOMB sushi.

Despite everything, life goes on and new opportunities are always around the corner. So, when life feels like it’s all going backward, stay the course, walk the road, and give it time. Great things can happen.

Find the destination as you go, and get a couple of good stories out of the deal.

Tally Tax!

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