So, a thing happened…

I start writing classes next week, I have a tournament the week after, and then everything starts spinning faster and crazier, and even better. But, before all of that, there was something truly exciting that happened this past weekend.


And it was completely spectacular.

For all the craziness it took to get to that moment, with those people, it was all completely incredible. It was a week of friendship, epic stories, and more than a little bit of ridiculousnes (i.e., there are scorch marks on the wall of my apartment because fireworks INDOORS at 4am is definitely the best place and time for sudden revelries.)

It was also completely exhausting and some of the best fun I’ve had in quite a long time.

Passed Out,
See kids! This is what too much fun looks like…
It was a slideshow of chaos that I seem to only remember slivers of at any given time. But the one piece that I absolutely remember throughout the entire experience was the phenomenal sense of family that permeated every event and step along the way.

Closing Time, katanerd
Nothing like a little Semisonic to finish out the Dancing…
And that’s what both of us wanted. We wanted a celebration of our lives starting together, sure. But we also wanted to bring as many people as possible in and slam them into a small room and hope they played nice.

To everyones’ credit. They definitely did. The love was palpable in the room and the wife (still get a tingle writing that) and I are ecstatic about how well it went.

The thing that I’ve believed for years and years is that family is what you make it. You are absolutely born with a family that loves and supports you no matter what. But, then as you move through life, there come opportunities to add to it. And slowly, your family grows into a network of love that spreads over countries and oceans.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Bachelor Party, katanerd

Wedding Day, katanerd
And ridiculous. It’s also a ridiculous thing. 
We’re both still in the post wedding haze and working on getting through our work weeks with something resembling skill and grace, but we are so thankful for the time and love that we we’re fortunate to be a part of this past friday. Life is going exciting places, and now I have one hell of a partner for the trip.





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