The Best 77 Things to do in Milwaukee!

Five months ago I started interning at the travel blog Getting Stamped. It was quite the experience and I learned a whole bunch about blogging and writing for a blog. Some of which I’ve started to implement here. Though I can’t travel all over Asia on a regular basis, so some of the techniques have been modified…

However, the final project I did for them was to write an article on just a fraction of the cool things to do in Milwaukee. I had to restrain myself to 77.

So, without further ado, here is The 77 Best Things to Do in Milwaukee!

Make sure to give Getting Stamped a like and a follow. They work crazy hard and do fantastic things which are worth reading about. For a quick look at a trip they just took, check out their newest video of their favorite hidden gem, Koh Lipe.

Such Excitement!!!





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