#AWP20: Viral Interfacing

San Antonio, you’re beautiful

This past week was literally the single most writerly thing I have ever done. I was at a conference with THOUSANDS of other writers.

That’s right, thousands.

That’s more than I have ever hung out with before by several factors of 10.

I was there as the “Community Manager” of Bending Genres. If you were there and happened to walk by the booth, there is an incredibly good chance that I almost pounced on you with an almost insultingly cheery “Hi!” And then if you made any eye contact whatsoever, I proceeded to talk a lot, quickly, and with the type of energy only borne from little sleep, strong coffee and eating mostly chocolate for something like 5 hours. (Robert, it was still only 2…)

But, the thing that I noticed, realized, and was basically beaten over my head over and over and over.

Writing’s FREAKIN’ COOL!

And all y’all writers are pretty freakin’ cool your own selves.

Also, there was a rather incredible amount of driving that I only did a few bits of. But still Texas is a cool state.

Anyway, I made a TON of contacts, picked up so very much swag, and my brain is all a buzz with some new ideas for writing and the sharing of said writing.

So, friends, thanks for all the awesome-ness and great talks. I’ll see you soon!

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