Like, new new!

Well, there are actually a few new adventures rolling around right now. One of them tomorrow afternoon. That, however, is not my adventure, that is wholly in the realm of my wife. And boy is she ever going to have quite the doozy, Uganda, ER Medicine, new people, and ZEBRAS!

I think, I actually don’t know the geographical distribution of African fauna and I’m just going to exist in my perfect little world where there are Zebras in Uganda.

But, that’s HER adventure, and as great and wonderful and exciting as it is, I’m not going to spoil her opportunity to tell it.

Though, here’s an awesome photo I got the other day

So here’s mine.


This one, specifically!

It’s through the whole gig I do at Bending Genres. I’ll be helping out running the booth, meeting new people, and generally trying to be as pleasant and helpful as possible. But, it’s a WHOLE WEEK IN SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS!!

I’m more than a little excited and it’s something totally different than my normal jam. I’ll need some writing stuff done to bring with me! Or, at least, there will be some work done on pieces I’ve just sort of been sitting on.

Something akin to progress!

This straight up doesn’t have the same punch as the whole ER Doc in Africa thing, but it IS vaguely punchy in a navel focused, quiet and (I assume) scholastic kind of way.

Maybe this is the thing that is needed to punch that writing career into the next level. Maybe I’ll just have a lot of fun and meet some awesome people. Either way, it’s something I’m looking forward to and it’s SO out of my wheelhouse that I’m just pumped to be participating in something completely different. I mean, I’ve got the karate tournament thing sorta figured out. So now I can figure out how to be a person at an event where I don’t have to compete, yell really loudly, and hit people.

Unless I have been very seriously misled about what to expect from these events.

However, before I do that new awesomeness, there are several events where I am indeed yelling as loud as I can and pretending to hit people, or photographing people who are doing the same or ACTUALLY hitting people. But, all in the name of fun and friendship.

And before all of that, there is one thing that happened recently that has sort of floored me.

That’s a…uh…Gold and Silver.

I was at the AKA Warrior Cup (which was incredible! I’ll have a review coming out soon at!). But during the event was my first ever NASKA win.

It literally blew me away.

Now, it’s not that I never wanted to win, or that I didn’t think it was possible, it was just something that I never considered as an option for myself. I was so focused on going and doing my very best, and not worrying about the results since I had been successfully losing for over a decade in NASKA and was getting pretty good at it.

I had created a set of expectations for myself through the very act of NOT creating any expectations for myself.

Whoah, that’s like…meta.

Regardless of any of that there is plenty coming up in the next few weeks. I have my wife returning (hooray!) We have an adventure in the Northwoods that just happens to coincide with Valentines day (brilliant!) and then I have more events where I’m kicking and shouting and generally making a spectacle of myself.

And, just maybe, working on something a little better that Top 10.

We’ll see.

In the meantime, I have some cleaning to do…

A month of bachelorhood has been…chaotic.

Cats on Bags. What’s next?

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