A Quick Check-In

There’s been…a lot going on as of late. I was at an event this past weekend and people were asking me if I was still writing on my blog. My answer was. “Of Course!” I have a blog post drafted on a completely ridiculous trip to Canada, I have two articles coming up on tournaments I was at over the last few weeks and there is a whole lot of “other” going on. A lot of it I can’t really talk about now (but don’t worry, it’s all good stuff. And no-one is having a baby) but hopefully I’ll have some cool news coming out soon!

The fact that I haven’t been writing on here as much is something I regret. I love the writing and the ruminations. But it got a little hectic, and I had to put something on hold. So, apologies dear readers. There will be much fun and wonderful content coming out soon!

However, in the meantime, here are two things I did do, that I don’t have to write about since they’re videos (huzzah).

One, here’s a video of a twenty plus minute reading of my thesis. Thanks to Troy Mahr for the video. He went into the whole thing thinking it was going to be a short deal. It went a wee bit longer than he was expecting.

Thesis Reading Video of Awesome

Next up, Jacob Wolfman put together this great video of a fantastic event I was at last weekend — Infinity National Championships. Mike Welch and Jeff Orlowski knocked it out of the park and I can’t say enough good about it. However, if you want the full review you’ll have to read the one I’m writing. Just not right now. It’s awfully short and incoherent, currently.

Anyway, I make a momentary appearance in the video for about a second and a half. Somewhere near the end. So, good luck finding it. But it’s ok, you’ll get to see some awesome martial arts before that.

Infinity Video of Awesome

So, give me a little time and I’ll be back with a post all about martial arts, driving, and some good old-fashioned navel-gazing. Y’know, like all the rest of ’em.



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