A Quick Check in at One Year

Time seems to pass in huge chunks of insanity that have an occasional moment of free fall. Kind of like a blender that explodes. Everything is loud, spinning chaos with sharp edges until the moment the top flies off and then there is just a beautiful arc of puree arcing through the air in a lazy, oddly graceful way, only to splatter over the entire kitchen and dog.

I’m going to call this the Cuisinart Principle.

Cuisinart Blender in a Cupboard
My Muse…

This morning is the puree moment. It’s going to last for approximately another 2 hours-ish, then back to the blender.

So I’m enjoying it.

There was a parallel moment about 6 months ago, and I was also blogging then. Albeit a little more regularly. It was the week before I got married and my soon-to-be-wife had passed out on the couch. I was sitting in front of my laptop thinking about how crazy life was and all the changes happening.

That post is here.

I quoted Thoreau and felt very Leopold-ey as I sat in the cold and wrote about the world and my environment. It was a very literary handful of moments.

Now I sit in a new apartment, in a new city. My friends are scattering all over the country and my wife is a physician who begins work in a few short weeks. The karate school is running better than ever, I’ve been rehabbing injuries, working with a PT, getting MRI’s, suffering through not being able to compete, not sleeping very much, starting new internships, starting new classes, going to weddings, being IN the weddings, driving far too much, moving all sorts of stuff I forgot I had, wondering if I’m doing the things I’m supposed to, and the whole time wondering what the hell I’m going to blog about.

Other than all of that, it’s been pretty chill. But there was one moment that snuck past all sneaky like.

This blog had a birthday!

I started KataNerd as a class assignment. I was to create a blog and update it regularly for two months. At the time, it was high competition season and I had (shockingly enough) a wedding to attend and a few other things. There was plenty for me to blog about. I had the general thought to make it all about karate and competing. Something to inform the uninformed. It was a great idea, but one that fell by the wayside when I realized I had thoughts and ideas unrelated to karate that I also wanted to express and talk about.

So, I did that.

Since that assignment it’s blown up into something a little more, and a little bigger than I really had any expectation. It’s not one of those super blogs (one such example) that other people have, and seem to update regularly with cool content. But it has been puttering along with my ideas and photos during all the crazy events of the last year.

So, thank you for listening to my thoughts, laughing at my bad jokes, and for the unwavering support and encouragement I’ve received from so many.

It’s been a crazy year, and it’s only going to get crazier. So, let’s buckle up and get ready for a whole new set of adventures!


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