An Entry! On a Guest Blog!

The past 12 days have been absolutely jam packed with as much martial arts and fabulousness as you could think of.

Also, I’ve been to Indiana, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Chicago, Green Bay, Chicago again, and Appleton for various events in the last three weekends. My mother asked me if I’m trying to rack up as many miles as possible on my car before I turn it in (#dieselgate).

Karate Tournaments
The heady joy of travel…

There has also been a noticable lack of sleep and food. BUT that’s ok because (drumroll) I have a guest post on another blog! is a pretty fantastic group of people who are working in karate tournaments taking photos and livestreaming various events. I apporached them a few months ago asking if they needed a writer, and last weekend I was able to start doing a little work with them at Mr. Loveless’ NAIKC Tournament in Dearborn, MI! The blog post is here. So check it out and feel free to let me know what you think.

Finally, I have one other exciting bit of news, but that is to be in a seperate blog post enitrely. Stay tuned for further updates as events warrant.





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