Tournaments: A Realization on Time and Growth

I have the NAIKC this weekend (Starting TOMORROW!) and have been hitting tournaments pretty hard. Just this past weekend I was at a local tournament (the Capital City Classic!) and got to have a great time, compete against some pretty spectacular martial artists, and reconnect with some people I haven’t seen in a while.

I had a great time, but as for the competition portion. I didn’t win. I managed to snag a first in weapons and a second in open hand. I was then runner up in grands. It was some solid competition. But still a little disappointing.

I was going through old blog posts and trying to optimize them for some SEO and general bloggy stuff when I stumbled across a post I wrote after the U.S. Open. I had done worse, and I remember feeling pretty crappy about it. But, at the end of this particular post, I found three things that I had realized. And, a few months later, they still hold true.  So, here’s that post.

With the upcoming events, and tomorrow’s excitement, it’s good to read through everything and remember. After all, what better way to get set for achieving anything, than by remembering the times where it barely slipped past your fingers.


I’ve been working on cleaning up techniques, I’ve changed dozens of small things and been working on the tiny details. It’s time to see if the work is going to pay off.  And where better than with some of the best competitors in the country.


Time to rock.

Kobudo at Capital City Classis
Working (Shout out to Mr. Pope for the awesome photo!!)


Also, for those interested. Here’s two of my forms from this past weekend. Sei Pai and Tokumini-no-Kun (notice the bobble on the shoulder ;-D)

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