Karate: Everything is Happening


There are some exciting changes coming down the pipe for the blog. For one, I’m working on getting a new domain, and will be moving the site to a different URL. For everyone else, nothing will really change, I just need to figure out how to do it.

I started an internship for the next few months with a great couple who run Getting Stamped a phenomenal travel blog. And the best part, they’re from Milwuakee. So, they’ll be showing me the ropes of what makes blogs great and wonderful, and I’ll be trying to help them out with various, interny tasks.

There will be a gear review coming! I recently was sent a full set of C-Gear from Century Martial Arts. I’ll be trying it out and publishing my full review here!

Finally, there are a bunch of great events coming up in the next two weeks. I have a small tournament in Lodi, WI. Which will be a ton of fun, and then I have the North American International Karate Championships coming up the weekend afterwards! I’ll be working on a few posts there, and chipping in with some thoughts two brand new divisions (for me!).

Just sit tight, there’s gonna be a ton of great, new things showing up soon!!



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