I’m back! Though, I never meant to leave.

Remember when I used to do this thing where I would blog at least once, if not twice a week?

All the work I haven’t been doing.


Yeah, me too.

While I wasn’t blogging over the last two weeks, I was filling my time with a bunch of other stuff, including a meeting with a web designer about revamping this blog. So, there may be some changes coming soon!

I also have some gear coming in that I’ll be reviewing for Century (exciting!) And there are a few other things in the works that should be a lot of fun, and deal with martial arts in all sorts of ways.

I apologize for my lack of work and will be posting some pretty exiting stuff soon!

Thank you every one for being awesome!

As a wierd sort of apology, here is one of my favorite authors explaining why art stuff is important <CLICK THIS RIGHT HERE>



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