Airport Adventures!

On the flight back from Orlando, there were several interesting things that happened. Well, maybe interesting is too strong a word to use.

There were several unique things that happened on the trip back. And I was so proud of myself for writing them down with the goal of putting them in this blog.

I felt quite professional.

Then I started playing Pokémon Go, and that feeling completely disappeared.

But, looking back on the list, here we go.

On the plane from Orlando to Atlanta I sat next to a lady who seemed a little nervous about the whole flying thing. She was taking deep breaths into a small plastic bag that was, oddly enough, labeled “baby.”

The only thing I could think about was how I was SO not ready for this experience.

However, being a nice guy, I didn’t want to make her feel uncofortable by staring at her dry heaving. So I smiled, nodded, and let her retch in peace. It had been an incredibly early morning and I only had a few hours of sleep, a after takeoff and once we hit sruising speed, and I realized I had packed my headphones with my checked luggage (disaster!!) I was sort of zoning out and reading at the same time and there were some motions that mught have been her waving her hands in my face. Twice. Due to the whole few hours of sleep thing, and being shoved into a giant metal tube full of strangers for a vague period of time, it probably took me a whole minute to realize I should probably respond. When I did finally process the event and turned to look at her, she was sleeping.

I probably watched her snooze for more than was societally acceptable, as I was trying to figure out if I had just hallucinated, or if she had some sort of event and might require medical assistance. I eventually settled on the former, and went back to my book. But not before noticing that the “baby” bag was back in its spot next to the inflight magazine. That was a relief. I was not looking forward to the joy of listening, smelling, and feeling a large woman vomit into a small bag on a cramped airlplane with nowhere else to go.

There would be overflow. It would land on my foot. And I was wearing sandals.




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