3 Things No-One Tells You About Being on A Karate Team

For the last several years I’ve been on Team Revolution.

Team Revolution
This one

It’s been a great ride so far, and I just got done with the U.S. Open (more on that later!) And during the inevitable hurry up and wait for a really long time that seems to characterize all major events. I had some realizations about what being on a team was like. These items are not indicative of all teams, nor are they meant to be anything that my personal observations on one particular day.

So, here we go.

  1. No One Has Any Idea Where Anyone Else Is.

It seems every event I go to with my team is a constant, low-key game of hide and seek. Except you get to hide in a giant mass of humanity.

Where's the Teammate?!
I think they’re by ring 16?

No one really ever knows where everyone is. But everyone at least knows where someone was. Which leads to wonderful conversations like this.

“Where’s Billy Bob McKickyPants?”

“Oh, Ummm. He was in ring 12 for a while.”

“Super. Is he still there?”


Somehow, we do manage to find people. I, personally, just aimlessly wander until I recognize a logo.

2. People Show up and Disappear Mysteriously

I know around three or four of the people on my team. There might be something like 20 members. Or more. I actually have no idea. Since I see my team sporadically at best, there are major changes every time I do meet up with everyone. It’s to be expected, but can still be a little surprising when people you were accustomed to seeing, suddenly disappear and, with proper reference to #1. Nobody knows where they are.

On the flip side, I am constantly meeting new members and am always impressed at the general friendliness, skill level, and general wonderfulness of the athletes and families I’m privileged to spend a few days with. It’s a blast!

3. Coach is God

Coach will provide for you. Coach will make magical things happen at the registration table. Coach also seems to know everyone and have connections everywhere. But, he also seems to be on another planet most of the time. When he does come down to the competitors’ level it’s usually to give commandments and make proclamations. Finally, Coach receives many requests and will respond to only a few.

Oh, and in reference to #1, no one ever knows where Coach is.

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