Karate, Travel, and Unmitigated Ridiculousness

A few days ago (I'm already lying, it was yesterday.) I did a post on the U.S. Open and covered the rules of NASKA, the general goals I have in life, and all sorts of other wholesome, wonderful, very boring bits of information that I tried to package with funny pictures and a few attempts …

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Downtown Philadelphia

AmeriKick Internationals: Progress and Change.

Last weekend I dropped my wife off at the airport so she could begin her adventure to Ecuador for the month. It was one of those periods of both excitement and sadness, which culminated in a happy dance and ended with a long hug. We made it awkward for everyone else at the airport. Then, she …

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Chicago, katanerd

AKA Warrior Cup: Comraderie and Competition

This past weekend I was at the AKA Warrior Cup in Chicago. There will be a post going up in SportMartialArts.com about it pretty soon (I gotta write it). The short of it is it was as grand and wonderful a tournament as everyone had hoped. Some of the best competitors in the world showed …

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Diamonds 2016: Barefoot Opportunity

Diamonds is one of those pivotal tournaments for me. Every year, something happens that makes everything else a little different. In this case, we have Team AKA, Sport Martial Arts, Competition, and a whole lot of thanks. But, before we get too far into it, there are some steps we need to go through first. …

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