This one thing I get STUCK on…

If I remember right, the last post was about a lot of goings ons in the late Summer/early fall. I had this plan to do a series, which weirdly involved my haircuts more than ever before, and then I got real busy with everything else.

There’s the haircut, for the four of you who were, of course, waiting with baited breath.

Here’s the thing about getting busy with everything else. Certain things just seem to…slip. Like this blog, and certain areas of housework (you just wait dishes, I’m gonna put on “Eye of the Tiger” and you’re going DOWN!). But then at the other end of the spectrum, there are so many things going right, or at least going different as the days blur by.

Leading me to that thing that I’m stuck on, seemingly forever and always. Quicksilver moments.

Y’know, that perfect time when the skies, moons, animals, and whatever other random influence you feel deserves attribution, align perfectly and the world seems to hold for just a moment. It doesn’t stop, it just vibrates with the sound of birds or the absolutely clean scent of leafmould and rain. It blurs the screaming chaos of a karate tournament into something almost soothing while the smiles of friends and family seem to shine just a little brighter. The road stretches on into an approximation of forever. Moonlight limned and wrapped in cold as the wee hours of the morning creep by and the road shows a perfect line to an adventure somewhere.

And then between those moments, are absolute chaos flavored with tension, stress, and probably a lot more swearing than I should let anyone know about.

Oh, and coffee.


But, between these moments, I’ve been getting stuff done. Moving goals along. Probably thanks to the excessive amounts of coffee.

I’ve been sending work into journals and online lit mags, and it has almost all been turned down. But I’m writing again, and that’s something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

I’ve been training, and I have kids who are getting better and better and pushing themselves hard. And that, all by itself, is a certain kind of wonderful.

The dojo is rolling and doing better than ever before, people are happy, karate is being learned and, dare I say it, I think I’m having fun?

This is also a type of moment, a sliver of time in the midst of everything else, but for this breath, this vibrating moment in time, I’m going to savor it.

I have Diamonds this weekend, and crazy driving adventure on Thursday, a random costume party, my tournament coming up, and then the Holiday season right around the corner. And, yes. A haircut. But through all of it, I’ll be keeping my head down, quietly waiting to ’round the corner and savor that next moment of peace.

We’ll chat soon, promise.

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