A Tale of a Lost Bo, a War of Pennies, and Blue Hair

As we last left it, I was in D.C. for the U.S. Capitol Classics/China Open (which, weirdly enough, now has a review out. CLICK THE PICTURE!)

It was a blur of karate, caffeine and creative problem solving.

After the marathon of getting there, I finally did get some sleep the night before, although I believe it happened in the middle of something else I was going to do. As in, I pulled out my computer, a book, and Ronnie and I were watching a comedian, then my alarm went off the next morning.

C’est la vie.

Competing was something I was a little nervous about as I had tweaked my shoulder a week or so before, and had sporadically difficult times doing basic things like raising my hand above my head. Something that is sort of required in most of karate. But, all things in stride, I did well. I felt good about the forms and placed 2nd in weapons and 4th in forms! It was a great way to start the morning!

At some point in the morning, the internet for the whole event crashed. Which is bad as the whole event basically runs off the internet. After a smidge of panic, and a lot of talking, a few very calm heads that worked out how to finagle enough internet together to make something happen. It was during these conversations that I realized I have absolutely NO IDEA how internet providers manage their services.

I also learned a whole lot about Gar fishing. That’s unrelated, but it was super interesting. It involves a ton of slime. Thanks, Jackson!

Throughout all of this there were a thousand photos and more videos and phone malfunctions than I want to think about. But, the event was a success, and something that I was thrilled to be a part of. Plus, that venue is pretty fantastic!

But the sad thing, the one sad thing. During the event I discovered that old guys go crazy early in the morning, and that the divisions are pretty close together. When I finish competing in weapons I usually drop my bo off somewhere as fast as I can. In this case it was against the wall by my stuff. However, there was a spectacularly irate scorekeeper who went on a rampage about having stuff near the computers (or something?) and instead of jumping into drama at 8:45 in the morning I just moved my stuff.

Not my bo. Just my stuff.

Fourteen hours later I remembered my bo was M.I.A. and had no way to get it back.

I held several moments of silence.

Ok, enough silence.

Fast forward another moment or three, it’s our annual picnic for the karate school and this year we started and break-a-thon for charity and we threw on a penny war, something we’ve never done before. The stakes were high. If I won, Beal would dye his hair purple, if he won, my hair would be blue.

I lost. Badly.

But I lost for a heck of a cause! Tosa Cares is a great organization and I can’t say enough about the good they do in the greater community. Check them out here. Plus, they’re pretty great people!

Up next, more hair, a challenge, a wedding, and California for 40 hours.

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