New Thing with the Whole Facebook Thing

Hey world, Welcome to KataNerd, if you only follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed there was a dearth of content recently. There are two reasons for that:
1. I haven’t written a whole lot.
2. MOST IMPORTANTLY Facebook and WordPress changed their sharing settings, and I have now created a page for KataNerd for all the Facebook peeps to enjoy whatever I happen to think of on random days.

There are some things that may have changed since the last time you checked stuff out. There are now TWO sections to KataNerd. One is the normal meandering thoughts of karate, NASKA, car trips, Star Wars, and all the other important things in life. The other is where I put all the “actual” writing stuff. Y’know, my forays into non-fiction, flash, and whatever else takes my fancy. I’ve got a piece right now that’s going to find it’s way there if it doesn’t get published soon (it’s about a rock).

Welcome back and let’s jump on for a heck of a ride!

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