Life is Rolling!

Have no fear!

All is well, and things have just been rolling along in a great if slightly crazy manner the last few weeks. I’ve been meaning to get some posts out about various things, both funny and random. But never quite seemed to get around to it.

So, my apologies, dear readers. I have neglected thee, but don’t worry! I’m back and there are going to be a whole bunch of stories coming down the pipe!

But I have a confession to make about the blog.

There is one thing that I’ve been thinking about for some time. When writing, telling a story or working in a field where you have to create content for the masses. It is important to create a type of character that you can work through. That is to say, when I write posts and content for (b)OINK magazine, I’m not writing it as myself, I’m writing it as what we envision the character of the magazine to be.

What I’ve been thinking about, and vaguely wondering how to change, is the voice I use on this blog. Right now, it’s inconsistent and not always where I would necessarily want it to be. And I need to square how to fix that, as well as maybe redefine what I’m doing on the blog. Inititally it started as me talking about karate and travel. I do that, but I also do so much more.

There is a whole lot more introspection and rumination than I initially planned on, which is ok. But it does mean that the general thrust of what I’m writing about, and what I’m doing has changed. So, I need to think about how to change my voice to give all of YOU the experience that I want.

Stay tuned, keep on reading, and enjoy the changes coming up!


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