1 Week: Pre-event Jitters

I have one week until the US Open. And it’s pretty terrifying.

Shrieking Baby
A bit like this, at moments

I’ve been working, training, and generally trying to push myself into something resembling comeptition ready. But, there are still times where I’m absolutely convinced that what I’m doing is a bad idea, and that I’ll have no idea what to do.

But, past experience indicates otherwise. A few months ago I was in Philly for an event a lot like the one coming up.

Note the total lack of public ridicule. 


A few weeks ago I was all set to hit Detroit really hard and rock out at WKC Nationals. Life went and got in the way on that one. But, the thing I’m trying to get at is preparation seems to be far more about the work put in over time, and consistent effort over months, than it is about the frantic last minute scramble to get everything abso-frickin-lutely in order.

The mad scramble

It’ll be ok. I just have to remember to breathe.

And not fall down.

Not falling down is key in most endeavors. As is breathing.

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