T-Minus 1 Day to Wedding

Did you know when you go to Men’s Warehouse and try on a suit for a wedding, you’re apparently supposed to come out of the little room and show everyone you are indeed capable of putting on pants and a shirt?

As I struggled into the shirt and tried to figure out why there were so many buttons on the pants, I had a nagging suspicion there was something I was supposed to do. But, even when the attendant asked me how I was doing “in there” it didn’t really click.

When I came out of the dressing room in jeans, Berkies, and a sweatshirt, I received a weird look from the attendant and my nagging suspicion finally bloomed into a full realization.

“Was I supposed to come out with all of the stuff on?”

She looked at me for a moment, and then nodded slowly. “…yeah.”

“Oh! Right, no worries! At all. Be back in two minutes!”

I turned and jumped back into the little room, throwing all of the clothes back on as fast as I can. For the second time that day, I reflect dress shoes without socks is a sure fire way to make one feel like a special kind of sketchy. With my two minutes up, I opened the door and jumped out, landing in a pose and sticking jazz hands in the air.

The attendant laughs, look me over, fastens the small buckle on the back of the vest, and tells me I look good. Then she tells me to get changed and walks away.


I guess she just needed confirmation I knew how clothes worked.

All that being said, the rest of the trip to Alaska has been completely awesome! I was able to go hiking in the morning and then go canoeing down a creek with some guys. It was completely ridiculous. Battle canoes is a great sport, and I wish I had pictures, but I was too busy avoiding being impaled on trees, flipping the canoe in the creek, and drinking cheap beer.

But, I DO have some pics of the hike. The best of those being here.

So Purty


There will be updates, and more photos for tomorrow! It’s the ceremony and should be all sorts of interesting. We are apparently camping out at the venue, which is at a ski chalet in the mountains.

And there will be dogs in the wedding.

All in all, there should be plenty to mention.

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