Sitting in an Airport: Thoughts and Beer

Sitting in an airport, waiting for God to come and take me away to a place that doesn’t look like the waiting area of an airport.

Preferably on a plane.

but not this plane
This one would be cool

While I wait, I have discovered places they sell beer. It wasn’t an especially difficult trek, finding the beer. But, it was one that was moderately important and, so far, enjoyable.

The last few days have been challenging in a few ways that I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing since college. It seems that the multiple challenges of running a business, getting ready for a big trip, getting several events prepped, as well as working on a blog and generally trying to do something resembling art with words (however distant that goal may actually be) seems to eat up a fair amount of my time.

It’s all a blast and I never feel more alive than those moments when everything feel like it’s just about to spin out of control. But, it’s also nice to have a moment of downtime and relative peace.

As I write this, my back seems to be doing better. There are still some twinges and little signs it isn’t happy. But, I was doing flying sidekicks today while teaching a private class. I may not be fully healed, but healed enough to continue with life.

The friend who was so kind to drop both myself and the girlfriend off at the airport is on a System of a Down Kick. The entire trip was filled with blasting music and I found myself halfway singing along to songs that were the soundtracks to my life when I was 14.

I am pleased to report I no longer feel that way.

We got to the airport, ate some free candy at the check-in kiosk, got through the much hyped up security in about 20 minutes, and I received some friendly advice from a TSA officer about how to hide my wallet in my luggage while it gets x-rayed.

Usually, when you go thorugh airport security, there is a point where all of your stuff is in bins, and you are expected to magically dress, pack your bag, and get everything neat in tidy in a scant few moments after everything is x-rayed. This leads to a whole lot of people wandering around carrying their shoes and waddling a little to prevent their pants from falling, since everyones belts are somewhere other than holding up their pants.

Most airports seem to think this is an unavoidable situaiton and ignore it. Milwaukee is one of the only places that has this sign.

recombobulation area
This one

It’s my favorite sign. First off, it sounds like something from Calvin and Hobbes. Second, it’s just such a great concept. I am, indeed, completly and totally discombobulated when I get through the security line. Never before have met a more perfect sign for a more awkward situation.

Now I sit. Fully recombobulated with a beer and a bit of quiet time to finish out a blog post.

Cheers to life.

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