Karate, Travel, and Unmitigated Ridiculousness

A few days ago (I'm already lying, it was yesterday.) I did a post on the U.S. Open and covered the rules of NASKA, the general goals I have in life, and all sorts of other wholesome, wonderful, very boring bits of information that I tried to package with funny pictures and a few attempts …

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Alvarez Guitar on two stools

Musical Chairs, But With Life Things.

I've been playing grad school musical chairs these past few weeks. I had a realization that the grant writing class I had signed up for was, while helpful, not particularly what I wanted to do with my summer. It was also requiring huge amounts of my time and effort, and I wasn't able to do things …

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Downtown Philadelphia

AmeriKick Internationals: Progress and Change.

Last weekend I dropped my wife off at the airport so she could begin her adventure to Ecuador for the month. It was one of those periods of both excitement and sadness, which culminated in a happy dance and ended with a long hug. We made it awkward for everyone else at the airport. Then, she …

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