Alvarez Guitar on two stools

Musical Chairs, But With Life Things.

I've been playing grad school musical chairs these past few weeks. I had a realization that the grant writing class I had signed up for was, while helpful, not particularly what I wanted to do with my summer. It was also requiring huge amounts of my time and effort, and I wasn't able to do things …

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Match Week = Chaos (But Good Chaos)

In the last two weeks, there have been some huge changes. In fact, "huge" doesn't quite encapsulate the scope of events going on. "Gargantuan" might be better. Or even "All Encompassing" or possibly "Earth Moving" might be more appropriate. But we'll settle for "huge." Rewind to St. Patty's day. In the med school world, this year …

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Diamonds 2016: Barefoot Opportunity

Diamonds is one of those pivotal tournaments for me. Every year, something happens that makes everything else a little different. In this case, we have Team AKA, Sport Martial Arts, Competition, and a whole lot of thanks. But, before we get too far into it, there are some steps we need to go through first. …

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