Despite Common Thought:

I have not suddenly passed or decided that writing is not my forté.

It’s just been that there has been SO MUCH and it seems that writing was not on that stack.

Covid, Banquets, Weddings, SO many flights, Tournaments out the Wazoo, and even more about karate than you probably want to know.

Also featured – built-in friends, random injuries, unexpected Instagram reels, Bending Genres,, and some weird moments of “gosh, I AM getting old.”

Finally – Kenosha?! Living in the same state for the first time in 2+ years and the joy of success = SO MANY TAXES.

P.S. The bartenders at the O’Hare SkyLounge recognize me – is that bad?

There will be another post soon that is more coherent, and less rushed. But suffice it to say, I’m back.

So, get ready for a whole lotta “wowzers.”

Here are some photos.

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