Thor and Loki

I once read Neil Gaiman’s retake on Norse mythology and it was AWESOME. From there, I carried around a few ideas on story switch-up and recasting. Cue a Bending Genres hosted by the workshop by the wonderfully talented Jonathan Cardew, and BAM! I had a new start to something.

It’s not done, it’s not really even a start, per-se. But it is a bit o’ words on the page and something that y’all might get a kick out of.

Enjoy 🙂

Something with Thor crossdressing.

That was all Loki remembered upon waking up. There was something with Thor crossdressing, and then there were…chicken bones?

Loki groaned and rolled over, promptly smacking his head into a table leg and fully dispelling any possibility he was in a bed.

He flailed a hand about contacting with something soft and furry. It yowled, bit him in the hand and then ran straight over him. He felt claws digging into the skin on his face and head and, hearing Lightning’s paws rapidly skidding over the hardwood, wondered for the thousandth time if cat scratch fever was actually a thing.

He flopped onto his back. “Thor?”

The very words sent velvet-covered hammers pounding on the sides of his skull in a lovely symphony of pain and nausea. Focusing past the rather green overtones of the immediate present. Loki heard the noise of bearded vomiting.

Ah, Thor.


The plan had been pretty simple. The cat was missing, Thor wanted the cat, and Loki came up with a plan to get the cat. Really, the hardest part was teaching Thor to walk with some hip.

It had been quite the challenge. Imagine the hugest jock ever. With small dick complex and an overpowering need to outshine his brothers and you had a sliver of what it was to be around Thor. But, such aggressively inflated masculinity made him incredibly easy to manipulate. Which is what Loki did for fun.  Because…

…well, it’s just what he did.

Chicken bones were overflowing on Thor’s plate when Loki pitched the idea. It was all smoke and mirrors.

Thor had argued. He wasn’t very good at it, and with the application of some whiskey that Loki had gotten as payment for helping some rich kid with his finance class, the application of a veil to hide Thor’s beard sounded like a good idea to everyone. And so, with much purpose but little actual plan, they had descended on the sorority house to try and reclaim their cat, with the 220lb slab of meat knows as Thor, cunningly disguised as a maiden with a spectacular case of pituitary gland disorder.

Then, as college parties go, massive amounts of alcohol were applied and everything got a little hazy.

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