Memorial Day Thoughts…


Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. We were able to honor the men and women of the armed forces and, if we were lucky, spend some time with family or good friends.

I was helping some friends move. They are the types of friends who became family a long, long time ago. When I moved to Milwaukee, I lived in their spare room for two months while I got on my feet (I had personal memories of many of the items I carried into their new home today!). I’ve known them for what seems like forever and have watched their relationship grow from the whole “Dude, I just met this girl and she seems pretty cool” phase to the the “Dude, I’m getting engaged on this trip, think it’ll go well?” phase. Yesterday was the moving into their first house phase. Admittedly, it’s a rental. And, as you would expect from a couple on their mid twenties, it’s not the fanciest of places. It’s a lot kinder on the checkbook than it is on the eyes. But, still. It’s a house.

It was a great day, there was a lot of laughter, the sun was shining, and we were able to make a somewhat tedious and difficult task into something that we all had a blast doing. Somewhere between trying to figure out what the movers were trying to say and being given painting clothes that my friend had since high school (they were tight…) I had the realization the world is changing in some pretty significant ways. I have friends getting engaged, married, and moving onto greater and better things. I have a girlfriend who is about to enter her final year of medical school, with all of the challenges and excitement that goes along with it. I myself am in the process of taking over a business and working on making a name for myself in the sport karate world. This weekend I’m in Detroit for the National Qualifiers to go to the 8th WKC World Martial Arts Tournament in Dublin, Ireland. The week after that, the two of us are in Alaska for a wedding, which we are both a part of. Sometime next year there is a possibility she will be living in Portland and Ecuador for a month each.

We have a lot on our plates. And the cool thing is it seems everyone else does as well. Everyone is moving, getting married, having kids, buying houses, getting dogs and getting impressively drunk more often than not. Life seems to be filled to the bursting for everyone right now. Maybe, it’s another symptom of being couples in our mid-twenties.

Regardless, however much was on our plates, whatever crazy, hectic plans were coming up. It was a beautiful day to spend with friends making the next step in their lives.


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