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New News! (Of the whole bunch of work getting done variety)

I got the article on the AmeriKick Internationals wrapped and done, thanks to some great editors and more than a little coffee. The event itself was great, and I had a whole lot of fun. If you don't remember, check out this article. But, please check out the article on They're doing a whole …

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Downtown Philadelphia

AmeriKick Internationals: Progress and Change.

Last weekend I dropped my wife off at the airport so she could begin her adventure to Ecuador for the month. It was one of those periods of both excitement and sadness, which culminated in a happy dance and ended with a long hug. We made it awkward for everyone else at the airport. Then, she …

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Match Week = Chaos (But Good Chaos)

In the last two weeks, there have been some huge changes. In fact, "huge" doesn't quite encapsulate the scope of events going on. "Gargantuan" might be better. Or even "All Encompassing" or possibly "Earth Moving" might be more appropriate. But we'll settle for "huge." Rewind to St. Patty's day. In the med school world, this year …

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